Sunday, 2 August 2015

My New Phone Case!

My beloved Kapibara-san phone case has died  T_T
So to replace it I got....

This!! Isn't it adorable?!  ^____^
Because I'm lazy I took the photo off the ebay listing I bought it from  XD

This is actually a cheap Chinese knock-off of a Little Twin Stars case made by Sanrio, the people that made Hello Kitty. I'm so sure I saw the real one while I was on holiday in Japan last year but I didn't buy it... And it's so hard/expensive to get the real one these days, so I settled for the fake one.
Fake or not, it's still awesome!!  :D
It looks like it's flying through clouds  *_____*


  1. That’s lovely phone case! That may be an imitation, but it still cute, and I would never thought it’s a copy had you not say so. Are you not gonna share us what’s on your phone? I’ll look forward you doing your own ‘what’s on my phone’ post. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    Caroline Matthews@ Mobility Help