Tuesday, 3 March 2015

McDonald's CYT "Create Your Taste" for My Birthday!

As sad as it is, one of the biggest highlights of my birthday was trying the new CYT setup for dinner at McDonalds!
Lucky for me, the only place that is currently trialing it in Perth is at the Maccas down the road from me  :P


Here's what I made!

My combination was:
  • Baker's Bun
  • Angus Patty
  • McDonald's Classic Cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Crispy Bacon x2
  • Whole Leaf Lettuce
  • JalapeƱos
  • Big Mac Special Sauce

One of my all time favourite flavour combinations is jalapeƱos and avocado (my Subway subs ALWAYS have them on it :P) so I was super happy to be able to get them with this!
Strangely, guacamole and Big Mac sauce go amazingly together? Who would have thought!
And when they say crispy bacon, they really mean crispy. It crunched on every bite!  :D
They're pretty good with the sauce/guacamole amounts, it was just right! Cause I hate it when places are frugal with the sauce!  >_<
And the bun was lovely! A bit hard on the top, but bakery rolls are best like that I think!

CYT is pretty comparable to a place like Grill'd, but feels more oily. But you do get to customise every part, unlike with Grill'd, so I think it's a pretty fair trade off. The burgers also aren't as big as at Grill'd but they are cheaper. And you can get chips and drink for almost the same price as a Grill'd burger, which I do prefer!

If I remember correctly, the price for the basic burger without the extras is $9.95, so not too bad at all! You can put on as much cheese and vegetables and sauce as you like, but the good things cost extra.
The overall price for my meal, with what looks like a medium chips and a medium drink, plus my additions was $15.95!

Here's the current menu list! They did tell us that chicken pattys will be in a months or so from now.
(hope my phone camera can let you still see the prices... >_<)

Next time I want to try the tortilla chips! And maybe two cheeses and mushrooms.  :D

If you're lucky enough to have the trial happening near you, so try it!! It's great~!


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  1. It sounds interesting, I heard of it. It would be fun for the table service, although I am not really a burger person.